Day 2 of the Art project under ketosis, with high physical effort

I guess I’m with a scrum score of 8 a day. I create one bulk article. I’m more gathering all I can, keeping in mind that I can further expand the subject in any aspect I wish. For example, I can expand on the post-impressionist movement with the encounters of Paul Cezanne with his Impressionist peers. Some stories here and there that give a "story-like" body of my content, and not just simple facts enunciated in order to be memorized.

Regarding the keto diet. I feel I’m in ketosis right now. After fasting for 30 hours now, I feel that energy is there, but the capacity to produce creative is almost impossible. At least I feel it requires massive willpower. Also during the 30 hours, I did massive energy expenditure. I brought that 20+ kg piece of wood for at least 4 Km up and downhill, and after bursting in creativity in the morning and writing really inspiring text, in which I really felt flowing, I walked for a total of 3 hours. So it’s quite something worth taking into account.

I feel my thymus a bit hurting. I don’t know exactly why, but I guess it has to do with regulating my hormones.

Apart from that, I feel I’m enjoying reading about the impressionists and post impressionist. It’s kind of linked my favorite Parisian period. All very colorful and intriguing to me. The only thing I want to make better is my energy and ability to focus enough and produce 2 bulk articles.

Also, I’m using Scrum but not perfectly. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I didn’t defined stories of each tasks and priorities are vague and changing on the course of my work. The latter is acceptable, but I’d rather not be lenient on the former. The 2 articles I’ve written so far are first drafts. I amassed all that seemed interesting for me to talk about. I feel that the editing is useless at this point and I will find later on that my style need to be adapted for my target readers. I will definitely get inspired by Richard Betts and his process of vulgarizing esoteric subjects. I’m willing to take the snobbism out of understanding Modern Art, no more no less. Modern art is beautiful in itself. And long proses about it just makes it less accessible to people.

I’m comfortable with my method so far: Collecting info. Paragraphs, here and there. Then go back at it when I know to which degree things need to be kept. And If I need to add or clarify, or spice my content with more anecdote, down-to-earth writing and phrases, then I will act accordingly.

A hot shower is waiting for me. The first in a month. And I didn’t have to do anything to make it work. Just switch off and switch the water heater back on.

I’m presently not in a perfect condition to be creative and write. I feel tiredness deep within me, even though I think it can be manageable. But I think I’ve taken too much right off the bat. I’d rather do ketosis more frequently and less in depth.


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