Getting the machine set up and going to complete my art project

Well I ended up doing a small report on Realism art movement. Everything done by 1pm.

That feels good actually that I can get my day done by 12pm or 1pm. Waking up at 6.00am, effective start at 7.00am. I can manage to effectively start at 6.00am. It’s just a matter of when I get asleep.

The walk in the woods, and the wine podcast listening on that high rock was "maravilloso". I brought the piece of wood home. It’s exactly the size I need for carving a guitar main frame. I can’t wait to start planning on that and gt the carving part of my day.

I imagine my days like this. Waking up early. At dawn, when the thread of light appears on the dark blue sky. Then meditate, reflect, smile and breathe. Then I see myself getting to work, which is essentially building content and writing about interesting subjects. Art is now my recurring theme. I see myself researching and creating content from my perspective. I feel there is room for my vision of art and art movement in the world. And it needs to be taken out. For art explorers. people that want to cultivate themselves. Students, who have due papers, they will thank for making their research easier. Then I’m done. I stopped the work by 12 pm, 5-6 hours later, like a professional. Then I roam around. I reflect, I play, I carve wood I enjoy enjoy. I research different aspects of my life. Then maybe cook, eat, or get out for an exploration. By sunset, I’m home. Getting myself together. I watch others doing movies, series, interesting work. I explore through the power of audio and video. Maybe I carve wood. I play guitar Then I write my journal. I pause. I reflect. Then get relaxed and get asleep.

That’s reads as a good day. I’m enjoying picturing. Even if I butchered the text description. I have it beautifully set in my mind.

I’m trying to fast until tomorrow lunch. See it feels. I remember that feeling when fast 2 days during that summer. I had Spanish class and my scooter. It felt with a surreal focused energy. I was in a sense of flow where I felt deep power and clarity that veiled my tiredness. I want to feel that again and know if this the sense of flow that they’re talking about.

I actually found out that do intermitent fasting on a daily basis, already! Until I get my eggs in the morning and from the early dinner I have the night before. That counts for like an average of 12-13 hours. Let’s push that to 15-16 hours and see if the ketones are there.

Alright, I’m tired from carrying that 25 kg piece of "madeira" for at least 4km both down and uphill. A little stratch and some sleep.


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