Being methodical rather than wildly jumping in. The Scrum way.

The midday meditation has definitely helped providing an additional spark of energy. I could concentrate and read Scrum book and get value out of it, in the evening, even if I just ate and went for a walk beforehand.

Today, I made my Kaizen. I have found 3 pillar articles to write. The Art theme is exciting to me. I don’t know exactly how this can turn out to be boring or annoying to work on and research. Be sure that I will inform you once that happens.

After finding what are the pillar keywords, that I will work hard to bring the juice to, because I will be so proud of the content and the work I’ve put into (Basically like my short-selling dissertation), I deliberately decided to create a Backlog, the Scrum way, where I outline every component of the project.

I then went and learn that I should prioritize the tasks on the Backlog, think what are 20% of the features that will lead 80% of the result/the value. (Now that I’m thinking, I should be very clear on what this project is intending to reach and to be for me and for others. I’ll start with that tomorrow

I have my daily goals set for tomorrow, I need a good night sleep and good waking up to reach my Kaizen tomorrow.

Side note. Playing the Benjamin Franklin with parents is so much effective and solves pretty much everything. Everything turns pink afterwards. Remember that


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