Always trust yourself when you say “there must be a better way”

So I took the treatment I administered to myself. I started reading back. Returning to where I sourced my original information. One link led to another and here I am reading about a different vision of what I’m trying to do: Passive income online.

I found that course gives great insight, a different approach. I adopted it and I’m now working on it. It sounds logical and most importantly: There is no risk or cost apart from my time (around 3-4 days of work) and a domain name.

Before that, I have put myself in a constraining situation, which was not necessary. I was trying to find the perfect keywords and thus the perfect niche. But after understanding that this practice of small niche keywords is outdated and the new way is more authority structured niche . Which is long-term win. So it’s always good to go back to reading and see if I understood well, but most importantly, always question like I did: "Something I’m doing is wrong", "There is certainly a better way, and I’m just not aware of it yet"

This helped a lot.

What didn’t help at all, and is giving me a headache right now as I’m writing is the carbs eating and lack of sleep and the cherry on top of the cake was no meditation in the morning. I could feel signs of fatigue after 3-4 hours. I meditated and took a nap on the afternoon, it took me a whole hour to complete, the positive effect was there but quickly evaporated.

Nevertheless, keep experimenting with what puts you in a good state of flow. Meditation, green tea are definitely helping after wake up. Carbs and sugars can be responsible for headache.


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