There must be a way to do the same as those guys

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I don’t know what it is. But I will find out, sooner or later.

As I previously said. I’m methodical. I should be at all times.

I found out about Ferriss niche method. It’s interesting. Even it’s outdated the principles are solid. Finding a niche market, you can repurpose something in a market and "niche it down" for another market. Like video editing, but for bike riders. SEO, but for fixie and other "alternative" cultures websites, you see what I mean. There is so much to work and research on.

I really need to integrate stats of my tracked time. I felt really relaxed when I found out that only ine year and a half I was sitting on the floor in my London room. I thought it was "at least" two years. A lot of my perception is wrong and knowing the reality of numbers I become more relaxed, comforted. Like for example when I thought that I should measure the statistical probability that some I KNOW would be reading this blog post. There are maybe more chances that an asteroid crushes me from space than that. Everything is agame of probability.

You know. What gave the most of my enthusiasm and initial energy, which lasted for at least 2 months, was reading the Personal MBA. Mixergy podcast nurtured that burning fire within me. And it continued with nichepursuit. I want to achieve the same as those guys. There must be a way. I’m doing just that. Finding a way to achieve the same as what these guys have achieved. I know I can do it. There is something wrong in my execution, which I don’t know why yet.

I suspect that I hesitate and wait for the perfect moment to make a move. But the secret apparently is : TO JUST DO IT.

We’ll know soon if that was my problem or there is something else that I’m missing in my approach.

By the way. I must say that Excel is a tremendously powerful machine. You can integrate Python and complicated software with it. I’m sure there is something to building something an excel and ending up with complete autonomous software.

But to remain in my goal of achieving the same as those guys (new goal then: $2,050/month online), I have to resurrect my spirit with the same Personal MBA reading. that opens my eyes, challenges my Reference Levels and drives to action to clear the conflicting Reference levels I have. So reading, listening, and then trying and doing will come as a natural result.


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