Resting in front of a screen can never be resting. Find a continuous life rhythm

A relaxation day. I don’t feel any more relaxed really. Apart from the nice late afternoon walk I had before sunset. It was refreshing. I kept silence on my ears for most of the walk, and filled my hearing with rumbling of the streets. Of course i avoided cars and traffic noise and enjoyed the moment.

Otherwise, I tried to do the "house keeping" necessities. Did a bunch. it’s never done or over. it keeps accumulating overtime.

i think that if this rest helps with something, it would be related to the change in mind. Otherwise it’s just filled it with uselessness. I tried to investigate topics and series, and news from Jackass and some random comedy shows, and music. but I have to say i could easily incorporate this sort of entertainment in my "engaged" days.

Conclusion. Not rested after all. Just unloaded my energy in poorly intelligent manner. I can still explore the things I explored today, by digging and progressing in my large project.

By the end of the day, after dinner. i still wanted to explore my niches and the ideas I had this morning. But the energy was not there anymore. I felt very nonchalant and empty with the series and videos I was watching while I had dinner.

I feel I can enjoy my day if I manage it well. I can still "dramatically" progress and keep that little things during the day. And then I can keep doing that constantly. When I burn out. Then I decide to go out for a walk, a trek or whatever, for a day or 2 then I come back. But resting in front of a computer is not resting.

It’s like controlling your diet for 6 days and having a cheat day. That doesn’t work for me so well. I need like 3 or 4 cheat days and then, I need like 4 weeks to get back on track, because I tasted the addictive food for those successive days.

To make this above reflection a practical how-to: I need to find a rhythm. A rhythm where I progress in the morning and get to enjoy little things from mid-afternoon. Keeping the pace under control so I don’t go on overtime hard work and burnout. I good rhythm for the long-run. where for example I must start "resting" and really resting before the sun goes down. Yes I can’t entertaining stuff but they should not tire me even more. Or make not be able to keep the rhythm the next day.

See look at my Tracked day. I was awake less than yesterday, and I’m tired already.


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