In time vs in case information gathering and the perfect market.

A good change of mind day. But even if it was technically a "chill out" day, I couldn’t resist by be perceptive to the new ideas I went by.

It’s definitely true that when you expose yourself to hard questions, challenging task, you become always be on the lookout for solutions to these matters. I couldn’t resist but reflect on how I can model Keven Rose’s recent app launch and success. Also the way that Tim Ferriss describes a perfect market. I feel that the first them talking about these things I wasn’t ready to integrate the information they were providing.

Always dig and work on the matter before, you’ll learn quicker because you have already well detailed problems to solve. Brilliant solutions to problems I don’t have are worthless. Even though I must admit, that because I gathered those conversations and exposed myself to these solution in bulk that I could go back, and like a sharp arrow, travel exactly to where the right information is waiting for me.

For example, I have a problem in finding the right market to add value to while still enjoying doing it, I know exactly what reading I should make or conversations between entrepreneurs I should hear.

I think it’s more about remembering people names and what I can label them. Ramit is that psychology and past experience stories guy. Tim Ferris is the 80/20 guy, the tilt finder which he applies on health, performance, lifestyle. Seth Godin is the future of marketing. I have some SEO guys, a photoshop guy etc.

So there is a balance to find here. Between gathering information in time or in case.

Anyway, I’ve tried to bring home that 20kg wood trunk home. I left hidden in the woods before I go back and complete the journey. I lost that mini-carving tool, but hey if you want to accomplish great things, be ready to loose stuff. Remember that guy that missed having $200,000.000 just because he made a decision one year earlier? Yes, that techcrunch founder, If you could live with that and be happy as he is now, why can’t you be the same?


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