“There must be an easier way that this!” You goddamn right.

I wanted to relax today, but couldn’t resist the flow of creativity that come upon me when I woke up this morning.

I had different ideas about niche market. Of course the mistake I did with Urban Explorer (that I tried yesterday) project was that I neglected the fact that there were nobady with ability and willingness to pay.

So adopted Tim Ferriss Muse techniques of going through magazine. I started with a random theme: fixies. But then I found no fixies interest in the US. It was more prominent in Europe. I don;t why it stopped me. I was focused on US market only, while I could have thought globally. Amazon is in Europe too. And I believe that internet Niche building is not as fierce in Europe, Germany and Holland…But I stopped, not paying attention to this reflection that I just made here.

After being fully excited to adopt the Magazine research, I soon went back to normal concluding that the US was not a market that is willing and able to pay for fixies as much. In a magazine anyway.

But the thing with what i tried today, and yesterday, is I’m hesitant between FBA or building an authority website. I have yet not investigated the Pros and Cons of both strategies. I shall start with that tomorrow.

One thing for certain, when I feel that it’s becoming way to hard, and I’m thinking "There must be an easier way than this", that’s the time when I need to stop, step back, and think about circumventing the obstacles and not ramming into them. The mixergy interview reminded me about the necessity to relax. Take few days off and go back at it.

Writing that here now, I think I’ll be better off taking one or two days of chilling out, listening to good conversations, taking new fresh notes. My eyes and ears will be more perceptive in filling the gaps that my mind has been exposed to these past days. Like when you start spotting the car you just bought everywhere. Or like the so many guys with mustaches I start to "encounter" on the street.

And if my "preferred themes" have no market I can add value to, why not take the time to develop new interests. I took up guitar, 3d modelling, book writing, all was new to me. I can take up new hobbies as a way to explore even more my interests. I thought I had many interests, but after that Excel file where I listed the activities that I would enjoy working and researching on anyways, I found that they were not so numerous after all.

I love the fact that everything has been recorded and tracked. I can go back to my mistakes and now exactly where I did wrong. This is definitely helping. Keeping I "progress journal" like this is also very helpful.

Some interesting thoughts I heard from this guy that challenged Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. The "I’m not gonna cry" guy. His reflections about his dad and sister were very touching and surprising. One more reason to keep up to date with the mixergy interviews, because they can be very surprising.

I started to know how to hack a good night sleep. I full belly with proteins and vegetables, added with some slurps of vinegar does the job exquisitely. (Nice! I spelled that word right at the first try)


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