By losing the battle, I know better what was needed.

A stratège needs to know when to rest and when to push. The smarts are here to spare your focus and energy.

I had some wisdom thought and called it a day. Yes the battle has been lost. But unless it is dramatized, it’s only a path forward to victory.

The professional believes and remaining steady in his uphill battle. His aim is not victory, but keep his insides as steady as can be.

Tomorrow I will wide. Broad. Where I can use a critical mass to tilt the chances on my side. It’s better to relax, not making mistakes of ambition. Work smart not hard.

There has to be a way. I understand that a market should be found first. I can;t think of something I like without know if there enthusiasts that are willing to finance my enjoyment of the theme. People should have the ability and willingness to pay.

I’ll go back to Tim, Ramit and mixergy guys to see where I did wrong. It’s better this way because I’m more prepared, with the effort I made these days, to spot my mistakes. I know what’s missing:

1 – People with the ability and willingness to pay.
2- I need to be doing that I’ll be excited sitting and working on anyways, and
3- I need to find the right marketing, meaning, the targeting and reach of this people.

3 Things.

So keeping heads up. And enjoying the process.


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