Productive first new project day, rest and restoring energy for tomorrow

I’m doing well. I’m progressing. I found a niche. I was excited enough that I dropped looking for 2 more niches and started working on the first one.

I started by a very insightful self-writing experience, in which I outlined all my process for the past year and a half that led to become a self-proclaimed marketer. I can say that I’m a market now. I feel confident about it and feel like I can answer a random "what do you do?" question with with assurance, Even though it’s more for me than for others. I kind of found a profession that matches my aspirations, purpose and state of happiness.

I’m very tired although I feel that I’m performing well during the day. I spent a good 14 hours working. Talking about human efficiency and cognitive endurance, I feel I’m above average regarding this aspect.

I have already a plan for tomorrow. What’s interesting about the actual authority site project I’m working on is that I get to put my own judgment, analysis and decision regarding taking the project to fruition. I don’t feel that I’m following a manuscript or a handout somewhere. Like when I was I did 3d modelling, I came up with my own solutions.

I’m confident about the work awaiting me tomorrow. I need to rest though. And that’s why I’ll abruptly stop my relating here.

Details of the day can be found in my diverse note-taking files, including the mini goal setting I developed today.


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