Knowing what next: Adding value to people about 3 topics of my choice

I scored today. It started to seem unattainable for the day.

i also must admit that the main goal drifted from my mind, as I went exploring the theme of what Google is. A big subject apparently. This is not only about finding words, it’s about finding markets, Seth Godin’s niches, Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans. It’s the tool of my days, my era of adding value to other people.

Because I seem to forget what this is all about. I’m waking up everyday to add value to others and receive thank-you notes in exchange.

It’s about bringing value to the world. Filling small short-term gaps will make my work incomplete. I would need to satisfy similar gaps in the futures to remain living comfortably and lead the presence that I ought to myself and those that I care about.

"Find your 1000 fans and your set, for life." I must oblige managing my focus during the day. I’m thinknig about starting an ongoing goal list where I add tiny 5min actions that I need to do. But because I will be spending more time tracking the goal list that actually working, I might do 15-20min on-going goal llist during the day.

Anyway. Good understanding. I know what to do next. Which is building an authority site. As the backlinko guy said, Writing perfect content every 2 months is what is needed. It’s like publishing 20-pages ebook for people to consult for free. Yeah, actually think of your articles in the niche site as 20 pages ebooks. Infographics and other tables and charts.

So yes, coming next is the authority site building around a niche of my choice. I will not make the stupid mistake of choosing the site before choosing the niche. I will choose a subject that I like. That I’d enjoy writing about several times, like 100 times over the next year. I can even launch two subjects that I enjoy and work on both sites together, or 3…I’ll be writing great content once a week, no more. But perfect content.

A week, a 20 page ebook, scrolling 3 niches at the time.

So let’s see what I like. Decide the interesting ones in terms of market want and DoubleDipping. I would then choose 3 and build authority sites about them. They don’t need to have Perfect primary Keywords. I can use 2nd page keywords from big competitors, that bring them traffic. (Optionally, I can watch what Perrin does with SEMRush in the LongTail university video).


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