Widening the scope of my thinking. It can be done by going outside walking

I need to take a more holistic approach in where I play with the assets I acquired over the last year and half. That includes Tim Ferriss Musing, Seth Godin’s non-marketing, Ramit’s human psychology, NichePursuit tools, Mixergy’s mindset, Kevin Kelly’s detachment, Josh Waitzkin’s resilience, Tara Brach’s acceptance, and Derek Sivers’ happiness.

That’s me. The more I’m true to my inner-beliefs the easier it becomes.

I can talk about the technicalities and about what I have done today and what needs to be done tomorrow, or I can look at from the top of a mountain, where all the people I just mentionned are watching me coming to them. I’m tiny, walking, roaming on the vast plateau thinking about the shortest distance to climb up there.

It’s not easy and it shouldn’t be. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense in the world. because, just by looking around 99% don’t find it easier neither. Otherwise everyone is happy. Which is not the truth.

One thing to keep in mind, is that taking braking, where you have to change the space you’re in, even if you don;t feel like it. Even if you think you got under control, even if you think you don’t need it. Go and change your mind a bit. Come back at it with fresh mind. New oxygen in the brain.

I have changed my mind a great deal on what I should be doing after I came back from my walk. Tactics are not all, and should not be pursued blindly, think of the big picture and where the tactics fit in that big picture


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