Bought my tools and ready to climb up the river

Well I did the Alibaba cavern. more like a goldmine where you can see only dirt. Even though you know there are flakes of gold everywhere.

I did take a great slurp of SEO in the face. Once and probably for all. It took me one day to use great tools, learn techniques and be ready for my gold mining.

I stayed on my hunger as the french would say. I\m starting to think that my poliglotism would be of help. There a good signs to believe that French SEO and websites have less fierce situation than their English counterparts.

So confident about mining tomorrow. It will obviously take my day. I’m trying to be more active and achieve more in less time. hopefully with good energy reserves I can look at things freshly tomorrow morning.

So ready to work and cheering up for the opportunity I am privileged to exploit.


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