Half cup full

Well I did my reading. My research. I’m not trying to be hard on myself but I wish I could have done more.

I have a tool now that I can use. I can find niches this way. Rolling the machine.

I can honestly believe that if I didn’t receive that phone call that perturbed me, I would have had my late lunch at 5pm watch 3-4 episodes of louie then went back to reflect on the niches available to me. I just wasted the second half of my day. And life is too short. Exactly Louie, Life is too short to spend it watching you, but people watch you anyway because they’re not grateful to Life.

You are bringing me to the ideas that I have been wrong about and the, to be honest, inspiring me a little. With the gratefulness. The 20 years old things reflection. It’s all right. Seth Godin has opened my eyes on this already. But I seriously believe that because of the schooling system and the idea of putting young people through that "manufacturing" process of staying in the schooling system until their early 20s is what made them so worthless to the world. They’re just sucking value and not adding any.

Whose fault is that, maybe their parents, and their parents that thought they "should" preserve them from the "dangers" of the world.

Now that I’m thinking I can merge the Seth Godin thinking process about the schooling system and the wrongdoing with regards to classes and academia, and the fact of being born in a comfortable environment. Where you’re family is not hungry, you’re not hungry and motivation needs to come from elsewhere, against that crushing tide of comfort that comes from schooling and family, environment.

Zuckerberg was not born hungry from what I understand. So there’s got to be something to dig here. About "people that have accomplished things" even though they were born rich. Not Trump style, but more like Seinfeld and Zuckerberg. There is got to be more.

I can;t wait to get started tomorrow. Airplane mode. Niche Pursuiting. It;s definitely clearer in mind regarding finding a market.


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