3 ways to get revenues from a website. No Magic here.

I’m thinking. My mind is boiling right now.

Well I’m thinking about continuing my niche pursuit. Things start to make more sense now. I’m reading how BrainQuicken came to life. How a market can be found. There is Tim that wants me to sell info-products, ebooks and stuff and The Niche guys that want to earnmoney through Adsense ads click payments and Amazon Affiliate.

I’m also thinking about writing a second ebook. As of now, I’m like #157 in an at least 10,000 category. I should at least have 2 other titles selling. The beginning of a good sign is showing its nose.

But one thing is definitely needed to be clear upon, what are the potential revenue streams of a website? From my head, I say Ads clicks, Amazon affiliate sales, or your own products (your physical products, courses, or ebooks)

I think that’s pretty much.

Now! (Cosby way)

I need to learn how to be me. Act as I want to act. Do the fuck I want and not really care about what people around would say. I think that it’s more of wave. Sometimes I’m more open, confident and free than other times.

Also, my notebook has gathered a lot of key discussion today. Worth to check out. I talk about what blocking me the most. The fact that I feel like a fake when I’m trying sell to my category of people, until I found out that most the people I want to model are doing that same thing. And Tim’s example of failing at selling Student Counselor audiobooks, simplyu because he was never. Whilst he was an athlete and a student and he could have a higher chance on that. Until he directed his products to powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Louie is sucking my time. Is it worth it? Mmm I don’t know.. the guitar, food and New York trifecta is quite amazing though.

I can still be inadvertent with my time on late afternoon to evening if I have progressed enough in the first half of the day.


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