Action Plan for the month

$10,000 a month! that’s how he thinks. "Where I can do the minimum work a month for at least $10,000"

Well if I don\t want to be too hard on myself. I’d say that I spent my morning Re-thinking the concepts. I was first thinking about adding value to others. That was a YES but not a HELL YES, meaning I should remain on the NO.

Coincidentally, I read Tim’s last post about that too. Where he says that he is going to leave the startup world. Not becoming a VC just because it’s a WHY NOT. He is seeking a HELL YEAH too.

Also I was conflicted about the idea of building a business to people of my category. I can’t say that is completely clear for me now. But I blew the fog… probably 80% of the fog.

(Sorry to interject, your idea making department here…hum..think about having a blog where you call it…One jerk writing.."I go back and right click the red underlined mistakes only..sorry". It would work like a vlog where you know you won;t edit..That’s a interesting. Is it a Hell YEAH? I don’t know. That’s not my department responsibility. See with the board about that.)

I found out that the majority of people that I admire, follow and learn from are doing that. Helping people of their category rather than understanding Housing market and teach them to do housing market copywriting.

Woa 9 people have read the ebook I wrote, for free. How close is that to $10,000 a month? Huh? I need to think different, I need to think big. Not everyone that succeeded is speaking gospel. They’re wrong too. I need to think on what’s important. And what’s important for me nw is"

1# Doing things that make me feel happy. (I explained State of happiness on my excel file)
2# To be financially sufficient. Which I am not.

1#+2# = ONE GOAL: Becoming financially sufficient by doing things that make me feel happy. (simple)

I’ve read a lot about Learn by Teaching. Seneca said something about learning through teaching!. 2000 years ago ! What do you say about that?

Look I know what needs to be my daily actions and work towards my goal.

My day should include these:

* Meditate
* Gratefulness
* Exercise
* Eat proteins and green vegetables 3 times a day.
* Read
* Writing for self (as a journal)
* Writing for others (as production for others) – Now I’m thinking… I can blog posts about single shot blog post on my isnotagame blog post. I can research Stephen King, Jazz and Louis CK and
* Smiling – at least once
* Breathing 3 sec in 7 sec out – at least once
* Be asleep by 11 am

The above is of course not exhaustive, but if I can manage including that in my days I’ll be fine. Good to go. Think of that as an action plan for this month.



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