Next Project: Scraping and giving away market wants

I enjoyed it.

Watching that Louie series, with my guitar in hand. It was really a great moment. Not need much to feel happy. I actually was for most of the remaining half of the day. you can see that on the tracker.

I think that today I learned that writing, and mostly writers, the best ones, write in one shot. They don;t rewrite. They’re like Jazz players making a piece of jazz on paper and you get to read that. It is a torture to reread what you wrote. It’s like relistening your jazz (I guess).

Oh wait a minute. I can still score today. Look. I’m doing that right now… Here! In like 5 min I just scored:

I created a gmail, then a wordpress site ( to put ideas that seem profitable. That are profitable somewhere. The reader can just choose that aligns with his aspirations best, and give it a try. He can do it 7 Day Startup style, MVP, whatever he wants.

Because ideas can be good, profitable and NOT for you. So in the end, it’s not a good idea for you. We are all different and can deal with problems differently. So having a list of market wants is a good start.

I originally always wanted to scrap the web of what people want. Mostly, the people with money, that already have their money spent in an area and want something more of that. That’s a golden goose. (And yes, rewriting is something that I’m curing completely…Jazz baby! Aqui en Vice city!)

It remonds me of my days reading Somethingmakethis subreddit or the shutupandtakemymoney. Interesting…How do I feel about that right now. Yeah that was the spirit, but i was so naive to think that it xwould be that easy.

Some of that can be boring work for me. but it seems exciting. Mining for profitable ideas. Profitable 1000 "potential" true fans. Finding a market. They call it niche, now.

I can do that. I need to make more yielding, though. Because I can enjoy reading about niche pursuits. Ideas from subreddits, forums of wine aficionados. But the truth is that I know myself and I know that I would want to try them every time I find one. But no. The objective, is to find the profitable market, check it. Not by building it. Then give it away to people so they can STEAL it. That’s the goal. Steal that idea.

Some can be better coaches than players. Tim Ferriss is a perfect example when he is not a VC but an "Advisor". If I’m filling the need of putting all markets wants for other people to fulfill, thus filling the world commerce gaps. Then I’m adding value to the entrepreneurs, to businesses, to the world. So that’s solid. It includes also, the content building, community, fame, all the jizz around having solid 1000 true fans (yes, for me too)

So off we go with this let”s plan it tomorrow as 7-to-launch project too.


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