Almost done, just matter of time, and on to the next

Well I didn’t publish yet. I’m proofreading. I did the cover and all the shit that goes along.

But it’s just a matter of hours of work.

What I’m more happy to talk about is what’s next. I’m on to something. Yes…already.

Two themes. Giving value to struggling entrepreneurs like me, and cricket flour.

Would I be excited by any of the two?
Do I have a plan to work on these two projects? Now, yes.

The first is a wordpress with ideas, profitable ones. Right of the bat. Because I understand now that ideas can be, but sometimes not good for you. You have to find the ideas that are good, and that match you life, purpose, spirit, energy,…et cetera.

The second is a scratch your own itch. Yes I’d like to eat insect proteins. Yes it has a future. Yes there is an early trend. Yes I would eat that myself. If I can find people to pay me for things I love then it’s a win-win.

So less talk and more doing. I’m on to the next. Build and get out there. Then find what’s need to built, once again.


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