Starting day with entertainment, and not so proud about it

What happened to me today? I did achieve one Task. Maybe I was caught in the "one task" only mindset. But the second was as small as the first one.

I spent the day just being "almost done". I was more tempted to watch videos, read stuff, and not being focus. I had no plan to go out. I didn’t have anything to catch. I was just here giving my day out to two tasks. Like that, for free.

That was a waste.. Not because I didn’t complete the daily goals as I wished. But mostly, because I didn’t have shit to do after. I could pressured myself to go out, to bring water, to walk, to listen to podcast. To read book. To exercise. Nothing! I was just wishing to finish and….relax? Well I could have written "Finish the shit and go relax, watch videos, laugh, play guitar, whatever,…. just writing what has to happen next".

And I suspect the stupid video watching early in the morning as I wake up is the problem.It. I just fuck up my day right on the bat.

Exactly. How to fuck up your day right when you wake up? Watch tv. It says a lot about a person when they wake up and start watching tv. You can tv anytime, except when you just wake up.

See I have nothing else to talk about. I had some reflections about how we just constantly worry that we a re going to forget things, that’s why our mind doesn’t leave any opportunity to explore every subject that comes across. If the brain trusted the fact that eventually everything will be remembered and that it’s "noted", the brain brain will chill right away. And leave in presence.

But what if forgetting something, means it’s not that important. It’s trivial. Hmmm. I don’t know…sometimes I have wonderful ideas that are on the brink of being forgotten. But look at Autofocus file ou have on Excel, what’s the percentage of the ideas written there are brilliant? Small. And all of them were instantaneous, immediate and you stopped what you were doing to note them down.


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