one more day left, but i’m good

I’m almost done. To follow the 7-day principle, I should lanch tomorrow. Meaning I spent 7 days on one thing and I’m supposed to show the world results.

I feel good about it. I did my translation. They are done as we speak. Only need a cover, that will be photoshoped in 2 hrs, and 3-4 hours of css and coding for the necessary formats.

So tomorrow won’t be a rest day. Much more exciting than this, a test day. The only thing I fear is grammar and language correction. Rereading and stuff. But that can take another day.

Priority will be css and format then covers, then reading draft.

The only thing I would feel proud of, is doing this in a week.

Otherwise, no much besides, focus on one thing still (as you can see from what I talked about above). I delve into subject at a time. Also, I had a grammatical update, reminding me of my report writings at Brighton, thefreedictionary and the FT all open at the same time. Good times.


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