Good time to know if I’m enjoying this

It’s the best time to know if your enjoying. Actually the best time is always now, but I’m talking about that rhythm that I’m getting into.

Doing one thing at time. Dive in deep. Perhaps it will be more enjoyable than what I’m doing right now (book translation) but that’s pretty much how it looks.

Waking up. Reaching your highly set bar. Have the remaining third of the day to enjoy, explore et cetera.

But think also about the in-betweens. Between a dive and another. Like 2-3 days of exploring. Of mark-setting and getting ready for a week-long push. If not more.

This is a the method can be taken. It’s definitely measurable, methodical (by definition), and a process to explore further, with alterations and enhancements.

But yeah, I’m on to something and the worst that can happen is understand that I won’t function that way, for good.


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