writing alone and prognostic of its result

I definitely write much more if I don’t see what I’m writing. Also, the size of the page determines how I will write. It;s that simple. Also, if I’m comfortable like right. Laid back on the couch, with my keyboard on my laps., I feel I can write more than enough.

I’m still keeping the pace in my translation book. The topics are not somethings I may be proud of, but the effort is. Meaning the words and mind tolerance for such bullshitness that I go through to get that writing done can be applauded.

I can see how self-satisfied are fiction books authors. But as I was thinking today, I should give a prognostic for the traction of what I’m doing.

In terms of sales and from the Amazon research, the topic is in demand if I know how to frame it well. Sales are high for this kind of subject. I believe that I will sell more than one. I think 7 is a good number to shoot for.

It can either disappear in the mayhem of icy book covers and never get a sale. Or it can sell like petits-pains because I’m satisfying a big want. more of an urge.

And that’s it. That’s all I did today. I’m on this trend of focusing on doing one thing at a time. It is hard. I’m trying to do my best. The need to jump from one thing to another is what excite people, but it’s generally not very effective to end up with achieved goals.

I did all the time I was here. one and half year. Let”s see how 4 weeks of distinct focus on one thing at time, meaning 4 weekly objectives and themes, will end yielding.


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