Nobody actually cares, so look at the mirror instead

Today was focused. Only one task to complete. I put 6 hours just for it to be done. I can say that I put the bar high.

I don’t know which language is which right now. I’m just hoping you’ll understand.

Beautiful post by Shane Mac. Nobody actually cares. Believe me. The only person you have to watch is at the mirror not at the window.

I sense that my brain is in protective mode. I look less people in the eye. I’m back to being tense on the street. My jaws are often tight. It’s weird. But I think the reason is my isolation and not communicating that much. That’s what makes my brain feel comfortable and ease up.

And I believe a technique like what RSDTyler does when entering a club would be very effective. Whoooooo!

Yes. It’s my brain. I’m not his. So I should learn about controlling him even more. Like raising a kid. You know when to pay attention to what he says and when you just leave it say his stories.

The fiction writing is not joyful. I can’t say I enjoy reading this shit. I’m more satisfied when I improve my languages. That’s the only gain I have. Also translating faster.

But all that’s in the story explains to me dumbness of human being. The made up world of love and relationships. But most importantly what excites a girl’s brain. OK I admit, I learned a lot, and refined my assumptions how women function.

That’s why there is such misunderstanding between men and women, nobody wants to understand the other party’s perspective.


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