Finding my marks and suspecting a scapegoat

Today was strange, I woke up early at 5.40 (as prepared), then efficiently went through my tasks. I completed them knowing that I should not spend too much time on them because I tend to burn afterwords.

So 2 hours or so on the first writing and 2 hours or so on the second writing. It was done.

My fiction French and English are taking a hit and are improving dramatically, by the second.

I can tell that right after the first writing task, I felt out of my marks. I wasn’t functioning properly as usual. I should look at the equivalent time where I felt that in the “normal days” to understand more. But I proceeded with the second task. Dragging the whole thing in the end. One thing is for sure is that I did not finish strong. (Wait, am I writing like a girl? That book really is corrosive.)

What I think is really corrosive. Or at least shaking thing up is alcohol i had the night before. I can say that something is suspicious with that. I will diligently confirm tomorow if the effect is same.

I felt for a while that there was nothing to do. I had nothing on my daily goals. I went searching for things to do on Autofocus, just created a new gmail and back again to wondering. Restrained internet helped and did not help at the same time. It keeps me focus when I have things to get done, but I leave data and information I could have used if I was open bar, when it comes to internet connection.

Proceeded to go for a walk at around 15.00. My calves were stretching. My body could have cooperated better.

It’s either the special drinks or the accumulated fatigue through lack of sleep.

Otherwise, is amazing. You really get excited every time you listen to these guys. You know it’s somewhere around, you just have get your own experience at it so the advice you receive can be tailored to you.

I’m just gonna go breathe in the balcony and off to sleep.



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