Scratching my own itch

Today was a great day. It is a fact that I’m more focused and productive this way when I am alone.

I scored. Established my book structure and found a way to be excited by it. The only way to be excited by writing which is writing for my future self. Scratching my own itch.

I want to have recap book of what I know about a certain subject. It happens that personal development is a sought topics. Having it aligned with what I am and what i want to become, it is a perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one rock. I recap for myself and I fulfill a market demand.

There are still some questions to answer like: should I fully establish the structure before I start filling in. Or I am better off starting out right now and wing the remaining as it comes?

I believe my book will be divided in two parts: establishing the principles and giving crunchy easy-to-apply solutions. I better lay out all the structure before I start.

I’m excited about waking up 5.40 tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. In the end all the good advice of the world cannot beat your self-experimentation.

I get a sense that, like reading books, self-experimentation is something that all successful people have in common. It may a new universal law that I just found.


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