That’s exactly what I want

I’m free again. A sensation I last have, to be honest, back when I was living in London. I feel a sense of freedom that having your own places gives you.

More interestingly. I’m scoring like la beast. Right at it, grinding the set objectives. The only thing that felt a bit uncontrolled was my condition to sleep early tonight (you see the time?)

Otherwise. I’m right on track. I have my decision about my book publishing. I know where to go next in each every project I’m taking. The beauty of my awareness nowadays is that I don;t have projects anymore. I have A project: Building a muse to safeguard that liberty I experienced today. My objective is: MORE OF THAT.

I’m grateful for not needing anything essential to my survival. I have a shelter, food and the luxury of quietness. There always is something missing, like better internet connection, but let’s face it. It’s not blocking in anyway from progressing and doing what you have to do.

I feel really joyful. Like I don;t want to go to sleep because I’m enjoying today so much. I really am in my element. I know it for sure. And that’s exactly what I’m here for. To check if this is really what I want. Just few hours in and mission accomplished. Will second confirm tomorrow.


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