taking it easy although the weekly goal is missing

What have I done today? It’s interesting when you ask this question because it gives an idea about the degree of worthiness regarding your actions.

I responsibly divided my day between progressing with the issues I have (with disregard to how crucial they are or not). I went out and see some new landscapes. Breathe some air and finding peace in the environment around me.

It sounds a bit woo-hoo, but it’s something important now. To find peace in the environment around me. Besides that, I just believe that I’m taking it easy. It reminds me of Derek Sivers bicycle ride when he did the same time lap whether he was on full power or "taking it easy".

I’m kind of doing the same thing, but I don;t really get to know if the result is same. I just have to believe in it. Or better. Work on week results. Not taking results daily. Weekly results review seem just fine. Now I’m think. I have to make an effort to know what was my week goal. It was about writing that book.

Well I certainly progress. But I don;t know by how much exactly and have no idea how much is left. That’s the problem with setting goal. I have to address that.

To finish on a cheering not. I’m still on track with my habit although I changed location and somewhat the environment around me. That’s quite important. I wouldn’t be surprise if I lost some of my daily habits due the changes I experienced these last 3 travelling days


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