The next week’s scope

A day where I found that I’m not the best person to respond to a market’s pain point.

That’s the rule. You need to find profitable ideas and real needs for people, but it doesn’t mean that they are aligned with my passion and what I consider to be my purpose.

I was thinking that a pool of shared profitable ideas can be very useful. People can record what they think to be profitable. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to go with the idea. You need to enjoy working on a project, you can just be a short-term thinker when it comes to having a business. You need to check if you would work the idea because you’d love exploring it. Not for the money only.

You better give away your idea that are not suited to your personality and aspirations.

The first half of the day was quite melancholic because I found, that once again, a profitable idea exist but I won’t enjoy working on it for the weeks to come. It doesn’t excite me. I even despise people that do this kind of thing. I decided, very scientifically, that I would put it on the side.

Then the second half, I went to a different section of my book market research and I found that French nonfiction has some traction too and I would be interested in working on that. So quite relieved. Because I still would love waking up very early in the morning, and write a book in the quiet chilly morning. With a mug of green tea and some rhythmic typing on a computer keyboard.

A true morning habit I’d love to have.

So I can think of that as one part of my day, then working other markets and researching different ideas. Reading and identifying others’ ideas that I can quickly MVP in "7 days " would be the second way to go. That can be a good week goal. I shall put that in my tracker right now. (Beautiful system by the way, it’s a perfect fit for me)


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