Even if fails, what do I gain?

I should be thinking this way all the time. Always defining the bottom line of what’s the worst that can happen.

I can do my book writing in a form of habit in which I write everyday. I hope to be able to start tomorrow morning. Do my writing peacefully before starting anything else.

It can be a good experience in which I gain. I gain the beauty of starting early. Focusing one thing at a time.

One important lesson is that I would feel less alone in my endeavors knowing that the people that inspire me through their writing and conversations are supporting me. I felt a bit isolated when I spent the week working by myself. I little reading and conversation listening reminds me that I am not out there against the world. To the contrary, I part of a world movement of freedom seeking. It just helps. I get more ideas. I take my thinking forward and keep my morale up.

Always remember to surround yourself with the people that are backing you up and are there to support you.


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