Thinking like a gold digger

Did my homework. Researched the hell out of these dark categories on Amazon.

Hated when I had to face human nature. How most of users are attracted by not so valuable pursuits. The sin of mediocrity is what found. But there are some glimpses of light. There are few gold nuggets to extract. And I’m intending to do so tomorrow.

I’m like a gold digger, not loosing hope and continuing the effort. I will back to mines tomorrow. I should think of this every time I get frustrated by the dullness of what I read and discover doing my research. Because, you know, the is about finding that profitable mine to dig.

Besides that, my tracking keeps supplying good intel. I produced more waking up at 7 and get started at 8. Energy kept flowing. Some intermittent breaks did the job in maintaining it although it can be ameliorated.

Back to mine tomorrow


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