Writing and reducing grey for more green

An informative day in which the physical product landing pages that I suffered learning can save me some time in this new endeavor: Ebooks.

I found that I’d rather use Amazon exposure to start a long term game, in which I believe should be thought of as habits writing. Like I do presently.

Choosing a subjects I would want to write about anyway will help. Preparing blanks to fill and making it a daily writing habit might be a good approach.

I think that writing ones knowledge, as small as it can be, indispensable if not one of the best way to expand it.

Anyway I focused on just that. I’m just hoping to reduce grey areas on my day. This will mean that green will be the only color during my day eventually showing I reached the day goal.

So tomorrow will be a day to choose the topic and start on building the habit. The sooner the better.

I’m having longer dyas, now that I start them at 7. It’s interesting to alter the hours for week chunks. We’ll see how it goes.


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