A satisfying progress, yet to be proven

A good day for little progressors out there. Divided meticulously my daily goals into researching the axes of work yesterday. Progressed on them indeed and opened my eyes to what they may lead.

I wonder if I read the journals I’ve been writing last days, I would discover mini progresses. I surely believe that the progress is not so big. And I’m being quite impatient and hard on myself regarding results. Well if tracking can show its usefulness for the first time ever, it would be clarifying the matter about my "real" progress since I begun this system.

I also, thought about the perception that all that note tacking and tracking is wasting my energy and time. Until proven wrong, I believe that tracking is a scapegoat on which I blame my worries. I still need to verify my worries, first of all.

Secondly, I need to have proven track record of my progress, even if we admit that this it wasting my energy. I shall be required to improve with the tracking burden on my back.

Besides that, feeling good, Re-energized myself with a second meditation after lunch. Worked like a charm. Looking forward to build the habit.

I’m looking forward to write even more, but do it more methodically than inspired artist would do.


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