daily goal and externalization

Building tools for life. Externalization, whether through writing or vocaling (yet to try), it pretty mind opening.

I found 3 courses of actions that need to be taken. Unfortunately I haven’t progress that much in my plans. Well, I achieved 2 pre-determined goals out 4. Which is ok. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I’m wondering if the journaling I’m doing now should rather be on the Ebook habit that I’m trying to build.

Setting a goal for tomorrow. The ebook habit would be the 1 foot gardening in French. I don;t know how my French will be. It surely will be pain through the keyboard. But hey, if it’s a goose that keep on giving. Why not. So that’s for that.

I believe with a total focus, I can build the blanks to fill. Then I can research on one or two axes of work.

That would make my day. So let’s see how a lone preparation like this will get me to tomorrows daily goal.

Also, I don’t know where the time goes. I really get my day absorbed really fast. We should have a look about how it goes.

The Comedian (2002) yesterday was really an inspiration. "You sit there, you have nothing else to do, just your work, being creative". It’s amazing. But was quite mainta


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