System upgrade

It is a great step we are making here. Setting a clear goal that makes me be inspired at the present moment.

My ideas research have lot of finding. I’m feeling overwhelmed sometimes by what can be done and by the incredible information I come across. Fortunately I’m using an Autofocus file where I just stack all these to-dos on a list. It frees me from thinking of them because I will have the opportunity to consult them and work on them if I choose to later. But more importantly they get to be filtered with time. Because when some of the to-dos are found on my list later on, I distinctively notice that my impulsiveness was controlling the then situation.

Using autofocus lets me know whether the tasks I set and the projects I think of really matter in the long run to my goal or are just some excuses my brain make to avoid the critical work needed.

Apart from that, I upgrade my How I Function system. It shows my daily goals on my desktop. I can link cells to actual "more info" files. I have a side where I put what I have eaten in a day. Little improvement that will get filtered with time. Some of them may be trivial others may open my eyes on critical aspects about myself, how I conduct my day, and how control I have over it.


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