Finding flow should be next

Achieved my reading goal early in the morning. I’m writing daily and it’s a very helpful process that opens my eyes on the present situations. I’ll continue writing as much as I can.

Regarding my goal. Well It was done first hour in the day. Reading the PMBA was informing. I wish it was more challenging than that. I’m still not sure if I should set my daily goal the night before or not.

Also, writing this and preparing next day the evening after watching rugby like tonight an last night is not very potent for my improvement. I’m writing right now just because I’m kind on autopilot. The fertility of my ideas were better during the day. Some rethinking about my energy should be in plan.

I’d better set challenging goal and not always complete them. Or the opposite? I don’t know.

Small goals, but achieved, or big goals and working on them?

Well of course balance is key. So finding a sense flow right? Anyway…it’s clear goal week. So spending a week just on that seems worthwile


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