adjusting to a more truthful goal

It’s true that although some goals may appear interesting to pursue, or providing some sense of satisfaction on the surface, they don’t really drive you truthfully or inspire you viscerally.

Having a million dollars is a quite popular goal that people use by default. They apply the most dreadful laziness in choosing some objective that sounds appealing to them, sometimes focusing more on others’ perception and the goal’s general status.

Many goal do not inspire me truthfully and are just random choices influenced by the environment and people around me.

In order to really feel carried by a goal, you need to find the one that is aligned with your own definition of happiness, success, and thrive. A million dollars will not wake up and motivate me like having the freedom of choosing where I am, what I eat, what I wear, who I meet, and what I work on. A million dollars will not guarantee any of that.

Being a country’s president will not guarantee me any of neither. Many good sounding goals do not align to my wants and aspirations. I should be aware of that before setting them.

A sustainable sufficient income will guarantee me this. I’d love being a digital nomad. It rings a bell in my mind when I hear it. I objectively can imagine myself doing it it and living in, comfortably and with not so much effort.

So calling my goal "Becoming a digital nomad" is more truth sounding to me than anything else. I know I’ll feel free. I know I can set my terms of how it is going to be done on a daily basis. I’m comfortable in being a digital nomad, maybe more than being a millionaire, with a mansion and an Aston Martin parked in front.

So here it is. A digital nomad. Moving to Sao Paulo is part of it. It’s not an ultimate result, it’s its process and occurrence.


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