Found my co-founder

Externalization and writing in general have opened new horizons for me.

I found the co-founder, the partner in crime, the teammate, the supporter for my creative endeavors. It’s the character I use in my writing.

I become subjects to his questions (yes, he is a male). I’m confronted with his supporting remarks and seems very objective, honest and really wants to support and me wish me the best.

I should call this guy and open the stream of his intervention in my decisions much more often.

I definitely should think about I spend or would spend time on anyway. That’s what they call being passion about a topic. It means that I will not be mercenary in creative endeavors. I should be really in because it’s me. I do this anyway. For a business or not.

Learning in general is me. I’m open to learn new things any day and time. I find it cool. I want to be a jack of all trades.

Language learning is a big one for me. Yes I don’t ask myself twice if I wish I could speak an additional language. It’s just something that is interesting and as someone said, it’s a new lens through which I can see life and the world differently.

Writing, random writing. Mostly about me, life, thoughts is a natural process I like going through.

Discussing what I like to call BIG subjects with someone alike is good one two. I don’t feel the time going when I’m "conversing" with people.

I have four. Learning about these with give me greater picture on what I’m already interested in.


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