making the tailored suit while learning how to say no to almost everything

Achieved my daily goal. It feels I bit not enough as I don;t feel the excitement.

Either I should relax and think the long game, the very long game, or I should choose my daily goals based on the excitement I will get by achieving them. Which makes sense. Ask "what excites me?" in order to choose a path of work.

Like this morning, I was paralyzed when I had to decide how I would go about achieving my goals – write 3 strategies for Goal #1 and start on one of them. I kept thinking about all the strategies at once. While doing some "nice to do" work.

Yes the illustrator embroidery design was a "nice to do" and I kept trying to install that embroidery software on my computer. It needed a virtual usb stick on my computer which I couldn’t figure out. By midday, I decided that It was something I was doing that was not helping my Goal #1 in any way. So I abrupted the work and just completed it and freed myself from the promise I gave.

Yes. Everything I do. From today (technically since all the system was all set, few days ago), my energy and focus should be toward Goal #1. Yes it’s egoistical. But if you think about it, by reaching my goal and comfort and make the people around me much more comfortable too.

I also, did (and hopefully not wasted my time), improving the system. Few Excel files arrangements here, some improved design and accessibility there. Still more to come. Because I feel the benefit outweighs the effort. Imagine when the machine becomes so smooth that I wouldn’t think about it. It will be like wearing a tailored suit before a 007 mission.

Hopefully will not spend ages making that tailored suit.

Did my cleaning, my pull ups and thought about presence today. From memory I think I scored my grateful goals today. Right?


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