Set it the night before and take it on the first hours the next day

You’ve got to think that scoring in the morning is scoring the whole day.

It’s your one sure shot. When you aim at something at that moment you have great probability to hit. Think of it this way. Just focus in the first 2 hours of your day to do it all.

Of course you can. Just write down exactly what you set as a daily goal the evening before and off you go. You just take it from there the next day.

I was amazed by Jerry Seinfeld today. Knowing that he is a hard worker who really knows what it takes to set goals and achieve them, made me contemplative and also interrogative of what I can copy from him.

The daily tracking is getting a smooth sail. It’s beautiful when it divides my day into 15 min bits. That I know have past. I started to value and preserve my energy knowing my spent time on each activity and carry out.

I took a mid-day rest today. I hate calling it a nap. It makes me feel like I’m 6. In a bad way. As expected, 20 min closing your eyes laying down, recharges your batteries. I almost feel that vivid energy that I have when I wake up.

Some conflicting ideas have been filled to work on later. I have a lot to work on later. I don’t seem to load myself with many tasks at a time. I keep it light. We’ll see how much is done compared to old style of listing all the to-dos and try to check as many as possible.

I keep things oxygenated.


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