Cleared path in general

Cleared the path. Set my goal. Of course, nothing is carved in stone, but you gave your brain something to work with.

It’s an incredible pattern finding machine. You want to supply it with the most valuable problems to solve. Do not give triviality because it can be used for better than this.

As I said in the gratitude post this morning, the guilt of waking up late is interestingly disappearing. Knowing what my days are made of. And the amount of hours really needed to complete my daily goals. I’m completely relaxed because I know it doesn’t require me that much of hours. Only focused attention on effective moments.

Building systems is what I’m doing. Knowing that decisions will always e needed to make. One word of wisdom entails the idea that blocking when to make a decision is not knowing which is the best. The solution is to choose one. Go with it and see where it can take you.

Go as far you can see, when you get there you will be able to see farther.

All my habits are in check. I feel I still need to pass the 3 weeks bar to really believe that they are integrated. Don’t want to rush it and ruin it all. Also, my habits stills need to be tested when I’m in travel, and not in my sedentary environment.

I still need to work on the How and Why of my goal to reassure my brain what this is all about.

Hopefully the interruptions will be reduced tomorrow.


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