A work in progress

Effective at.. check my tracking system,

Scored and dug into to worm hole to find majestuous worm tunnels. But their is an out. And I’m getting there.

I know I can set goals so clear that I see everything through them. It’s possible.

Some signs of gratefulness still preponderant during my day. I just regret that I don’t see how I could have made the day better that easily.

Regarding my goals. Yes everything has a desired State of being behind it. But the question remains. Can you improve on your State of being. If you become successful. Can you changes the rules on what constitutes success? Or happiness?

I suspect not. That means that the definition of the State of Being is inaccurate from the outset.

Setting the goal, like finding a profitable market, is the work that is done before anything starts. It’s the 80%. From then you just fill the blanks very intuitively and very easily.


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