Scored and saved the day

Up early at 8 am then effed around and not really started until 11 am.

Worked on the tracking system on excel. It reminded me the days where I would use the "just in time, rather than just in case" technique for building excel spreadsheet, 3d modelling.

Goal achieved. Then some gaming afterwards. Hopefully this just a temporary things because the remaining of the day was just that. It’s certainly the environment that facilitates that more than it is me getting addicted. Either way. It has to stop after tomorrow.

My calmness was put to test. I somewhat control it, like 60% control. It resulted in a painful headache in the evening. Mixed with screen visualization and uninterrupted focus.

I didn’t need to isolate myself to get that though. Video games incite a so powerful ability to focus. And it comes easily, when you’re really into the game. This needs to be researched. Because gaming has some particularities that can be source of learning.


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