taking it easy and doing it well

Effective at 10.40. Ritualizing and taking time.

Adopted the Benjamin Franklin life hack in winning friends. Worked beautifully. Little thing I say… all little simple things.

One main goal achieved, which is getting my goals. Entailing my finance objectives for the next 6 months and the way I want to live. Again, I have to say, all thanks to the clearing the conflicts I have. It works like a pro and cons sheet of paper. You find what you really want when you write about it.

When I set up a the beginning of the day my daily affirmations and what would make the day a nice one. I subconsciously refer to that note I wrote, constantly during the day. I did all I wanted to do in order to claim that I didn’t need to get my AK, today was a good day.

The pattern seems to clear to me. Just when video games will not be present. I will go full power. But it seems I’m doing well already. With little dashed energy and intense focus on short lapses of time. Then chilling for, like 80% of the day.

So yeah…manage your focus not your time.


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