A tranquil half-half day

Effective at 10 am

Indeed the Personal MBA is becoming my life guide for everything I seek to undertake.

Tracking is on track. Rituals are in-check. Beautiful work of internal conflicts-finding this morning. Until 1pm. I found the silence and isolation to not be interrupted. It worked. All what the book said in terms of motivation, concentration and so on…they all work.

I’m clearing the way for my goal setting. I found where my sufficiency exists. Luxury is not a pre-requesite it was a lure in my mind. I don’t really a castle for. For now. I want to be close to where the energy and creative endeavors exists. I want to move and live there. I love the flexibility too. My work seems harmless. I’m specifying the goals tomorrow morning. Starting a path that genuinely seems honest, pure and very promising. More than anything I have tried. Because it really laboured the land within me.

I could meditate without Tara Brach for the second day. I feel I can control my breathe and more in control with my presence. More than ever. If my tracking have started since I came back home. I would certainly see a number of personal record setting relating to my calmness, presence, creativity. Methodical approach. How close I’m following the recommendation of my mentors.

Thank god I had my alarm. The bonding activities that absorbed the remaining half of the day seemed endless and unstoppable.


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