Sensing and introspecting day

Effective at 10 am although the waking was at 8.45.

A brief effective hour of introspection and picking up conflicting reference points.So many things became much clearer.

Choices I make and want to make are now on the edge of my decision-making. I’m alerted about what is halting my journey and what’s blocking my natural brain simulation to work. The destination needs to be entered and clarified in my biological gps. And they are now being vetted and reviewed.

Besides the first hour I just efffed around today. New video game bonding. Activities. Short but important experiences that showed that what I defined as "being happy" according to my beliefs was accurate. I actually sensed the state of happiness. And I don’t feel that any changes are needed.

When it comes to the state of feeling successful, it’s yet to be confirmed but I sense that what I put down is promising.

I feel that I’m on a month of structuring that can launch me onto the next 6 months of clarity in which my objectives will be attainable.

I’m working on the Target monthly income. I still have not estimated the magic number but will do soon.

I strangely sensed that since I came back (May ’14) something was wrong in my goals, They were conflicting. And I felt conflicted. Pursuing different things at the same time. The planning was not clear at all. If that was what is blocking everything. Then I clearly identified the problem.

I’m experimenting here. For me. For others. Being a genuine form of Tim Ferriss, for once. Yes Experimenting with myself. Tracking. Writing down everything. Yes. Everything

Also, while I’m writing the above. I used a lot of "sensing". Am I being more sensible? Well if I am. It’s good news then. I’m just working on the next step of evolution. Being more empathetic and experiencing others feeling and mine. Nice progress from few years ago.

Am I congratulation myself too much? I don’t know. I feel happy. With strong hope.


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