Tracking my days

Effective at 10 am.

Noticed the reading practice became closer to a habit. But let’s not claim victory already(/ahead?). Every practice is a battle that you need to win. A better phrasing can be found in Steven Pressfield’s The war of art.

An illuminating reading it was. About working with myself, my brain. Mental simulation. Memory, willpower and its depletion. What are goals and how can they best serve you. it can be a whole subject to discuss.

Just noticed that I have no idea how I would know that my "Financial Independence" goal has been scored. No idea. Just learned that it must be way more specific. And that being successful or happy are not goals. They are States.

My journaling is on track. I’m taking it seriously. That’s why. What also made me push the trigger, now that I recall, was that Ukrainian grand-mother that left a journal to their grandchildren. It was written in Russian and Ukrainian. Languages that neither her son or grandsons could understand. The writing was beautiful. Also I found some 2007 Tim Ferriss blog posts. It says a lot about his progress and the progress of any being.

I want to sense that too. If it went well or wrong, I want to know how it all happened.

I remember the frustration when I had no idea what was wrong with me one and half year ago. Everything seemed fine with what I was. But so many room of improvements existed and will always exist.

Video games. I still don’t know if it hurts more that it helps. Or the opposite. It seems that it’s a case by case study. The bonding and feeling of sharing joy and happiness is a human drive, but is the mental depletion really worth it? Now that I’m tracking. It seems that I can benefit from it if I take 2 hrs of recovery afterwards. But yet to be proved. I’m quite happy with having a new tool that can prove me wrong without the drawback of shame by others.

Self-tracking is really an interesting thing.


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