Upgrading the internal machine

Effective at 10.20 am. Started beautifully, knowing that my rest time will e at noon.

Spontaneous reading, information gathering, application of new learning, all wonderful. I discovered few loopholes by which the brain function, and I feel that my need to learn more about all of that is of impatience.

Adopted a powerful method of Reinterpretation in which I developed a different perspective of what might have actually happened in very unpleasant moments in my past. Only to find out that both my interpretations, the new and the original, are equivalent is consistency and it was my choice to accept the one I believe is useful to my future.

Because all that matters is where I’m going.

The only due homework is to clarify that destination. In numbers, assets, Target Monthly Income. And I feel that real learning what is possible and will suit me best is my approach. Will dig into that tomorrow.

I know that Tim Ferriss is comfortable with $5k a month. So wouldn’t I be? Yeah a private jet is a nice to have let’s decide if it should be on my checklist. And by the way, what’s the pre-defined horizon of my checklist?

All of this needs to be clarified, written down. You can’t use the wonderfulness of your natural GPS, called the brain, if you don’t enter a defined destination. You are just wasting it all.

Let’s stop winging for a month and see what can pencil and papers surprise us with – yet again.

Also I had a complete 7 hours of "entertainment" and I don’t feel any better. Just tired. I think I could have enjoyed this end of the day have I remained on my usual 3-4 hrs play in the day. Yes I enjoyed while being in it. But evaporated that ephemeral exaltation as soon as ended.


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