Missing deliciousness no more

Effectively started 10.30 am.

Always, remain true to yourself. You always were that way and people have trusted you because you didn’t do good in order to get back something. At least never shortly after.

In another context. The fish at Mami’s was exquisite. Made me wonder about my lack of awareness when I eat fresh fish brought by my father. Why I find this one more delicious? Because It is not taken for granted.

So things that are not appreciated, not only you show your ungratefulness for their existence, but you miss their deliciousness and beauty by not acknowledging them.

One more reason to expand your gratefulness. It will let you savour more and appreciate so many missed moments in your day.Leading to happier days.

Talking of acknowledging goodness. Right now. I have an electric guitar and an amp in my house. Only 4 months ago. I dreamed of having an electric guitar and decided that the time was not right. I completed forgone the idea of buying anything. I started thinking, even learning, how to build one. Yes an electric guitar. All of a sudden it became less mystical and completely within reach. The story ended, or is developing, pretty well so far. I’m happy when I think of it all. But were the inaccessibility still present, would I have built a wooden guitar by myself? It’s not late to know If I can, bu certainly the need became less of a priority.


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