achieved hard goal of the day

As expected, efficacy was present in the morning. Effectively started at 11 am.

I set an alarm to go to sleep. And I’m confident that guiding structures are very helpful to notice myself. I become more aware of what I do when I compare actions at a certain time between different days.

I set a goal. 80 pages of reading. It was because I believed that it was possible that I reached it. Gathered a lot of information through reading. The question is: How useful and memorable all this is?

But looking at what I read from a different perspective, I find that I’m just exploring a map to which I can come back to. Like in Age of empire. A lot of resources are becoming under my watch.

I wanted to recalculate how many books I’ve read so far. Will do next day.

I underestimate the control over my time. I could accomplish what I did today solely because I hermetically isolated myself from the moving environment around me.

Everything felt under-control. I could blame no one, hence I was completely loyal to my previous self early in the day.

An intervention of parent to go out for an hour or so, which I did pleasantly, made me note how vulnerable to external decisions I can be.

I’m firm on my discovery of being a responsible intellect in the morning. The earlier the better. I think I can achieve 6 am waking up. It has to be manufactured within my guiding structure but it’s very achievable.


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