Reading and Learning my morning out

Let’s review today.

Started "effectively" at 10 am after mindfulness and breathing.

Don’t remember which came first. But I read few pages of the finances part of Personal MBA. Then, watched Ramit and Tim Earn1k video together. It showed me that I was on a good path. Market "Interview" is the way to start a business. Making these first steps to be ingrained in my business principles. And I’m on the right way of being a serial-entrepreneur. Also, a business is not only about maximizing profits. I learned that from Personal MBA. It’s a creative endeavor that, if sufficiently financed, will let you start even more creative endeavors.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, they both introduced me to Derek Sivers. It was surprising because I just read a introduction of his book Anything You Want by Seth Godin. Hearing about about this guy twice the same hour made me no hesitant. Found his blog. Paul Graham style. Full of free value, just like that. Shop until you drop. "I believe that giving is the best way of getting." or something around these words. Powerful.

Jumped onto his activities "right now". He loved Personal MBA and another book I heard so much about: So god they can’t ignore you.

Another apparently interesting book I encountered twice today was Built to Sell by John Warrillow.

A lot of reading coming on the way. Also read the first third of The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Initially to please a friend, Then bumped onto a confirmation of a beautiful principle: a great army is made of independent self-learning, initiative-taking soldiers. I firmly believe that my reading pace is in harmony with my progress. Progress in what? you ask.

Well, I reviewed myself (and this is one new way I’m experimenting with in reviewing myself). I found that since my – what I like to call Rebirth, at age 25 – I consistently worked on two areas. Expanding my creativity and Improving my resources.

All I do since January 2014 revolves around these two themes.

I writing this because I seek to have an objective proof of my being. That I can transcend my physical limitations and evolve with space and time. The biggest of my energy seems to peak in the morning. I kind of wished I were a night owl. One of those creatives that find inspiration in the midst of the night. Receiving farewell from my muses when the dawn breaks by. Or whatever..

But I’m here to learn about how I function best. I solved a problem trailing behind me for quite some time. Now It’s done. On an afternoon. It seems to show that rules are to be verified by exceptions. And I seek to be one of them.

How can I still write a daily post after all of this? Everyday. Ask the question again next time. I’m not ready to reflect on your complaints for now.


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